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Living with Miracles
A new “how-to” handbook providing a common-sense guide to studying the Course. Preview and order here.

Understanding A Course in Miracles
A comprehensive guide to the most popular & provocative spiritual path of modern times. Read the Introduction and order here.

From the Mercy Chair
A delightful collection of original poems,
drawings, and video readings by Mary Feagan

Love After Life
A fictional exploration of ACIM themes in a story that novelist Tim Farrington calls “a genuine metaphysical thriller that seizes the soul and keeps you up until midnight turning the pages.”



Stay-at-Home Courses
Accelerate your study of ACIM, forgiveness, and more with stay-at-home courses and coaching from a 25-year veteran and expert researcher

ACIM Resources
Links to a host of ACIM-related sites, including
teachers, worldwide study groups, and commentaries by scholars, skeptics, and critics

ACIM Bookshelf
an informed and opinionated guide to the “must-have”
books for students of A Course in Miracles




the journey of a mystic from missouri
The Fearless interview with Rev. Jon Mundy, one of the
earliest students and teachers of the Course

Walking Along a “Path of Light”
An exclusive Fearless interview with Robert Perry,
noted Course teacher and author of Path of Light

What Was Hidden
A talk with Course student Richard Smoley, author of Inner Christianity, about
the spiritual secrets behind the West’s foremost religious tradition

Miracles Over the Long Haul
A Presentation for the 2011 "Course in Miracles"
Conference in San Francisco

6 Miracle Essays:
Originally published in THE SUN, these six thoughtful commentaries
inspired by ACIM take on the issues of homelessness, capital punishment,
spiritual addiction, and much more.