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Living with Miracles
A new “how-to” handbook providing a common-sense guide to studying the Course. Preview and order here.

Understanding A Course in Miracles
A comprehensive guide to the most popular & provocative spiritual path of modern times. Read the Introduction and order here.

Of Course!
A collection of writings by UK Miracles teacher & author Ian Patrick, once and for all answering the question, "How Many Light Bulbs Does It Take to Change?"



ACIM Coaching
Accelerate your study of the Course with private coaching from a 25-year veteran and expert researcher

ACIM Resources
Links to a host of ACIM-related sites, including
teachers, worldwide study groups, and commentaries by scholars, skeptics, and critics

ACIM Bookshelf
an informed and opinionated guide to the “must-have”
books for students of A Course in Miracles

Love After Life
A fictional exploration of ACIM themes in a story that novelist Tim Farrington calls
“a genuine metaphysical thriller that seizes the soul and keeps you up until midnight turning the pages.”



the journey of a mystic from missouri
The Fearless interview with Rev. Jon Mundy, one of the
earliest students and teachers of the Course

Walking Along a “Path of Light”
An exclusive Fearless interview with Robert Perry,
noted Course teacher and author of Path of Light

What Was Hidden
A talk with Course student Richard Smoley, author of Inner Christianity, about
the spiritual secrets behind the West’s foremost religious tradition

Miracles Over the Long Haul
A Presentation for the 2011 "Course in Miracles"
Conference in San Francisco

6 Miracle Essays:
Originally published in THE SUN, these six thoughtful commentaries
inspired by ACIM take on the issues of homelessness, capital punishment,
spiritual addiction, and much more.