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A diverse collection of stories, interviews, and essays in the categories of Spiritual Intelligence, Creative Nonfiction, Fearless Artists, and The Spirit of Writing. Many of these articles feature books that can be ordered via links to or the publishers. Please note that we do not consider and cannot reply to unsolicited submissions for the Fearless Features. For information about reprinting or reposting any Fearless Feature,
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What Was Hidden
A talk with Richard Smoley, author of Inner Christianity, about Western spiritual secrets

Get Ready for the Spiritual Machine:
The Fearless Interview with Ray Kurzweil

Zen Cancer:
The Fearless Interview with the late Philip Toshio Sudo

The Hero with an African Face:
The Fearless Interview with Dr. Clyde W. Ford

Time & Love:
The Fearless Interview with Jacob Needleman

What the Spirit Creates:
The Fearless Interview with Dan Wakefield

Can Prisons Become
Houses of Healing?
The Fearless Interview with
Robin Casarjian

A Little Bit of
(a doggie memoir)

Faye Hueston remembers a strict health regimen — and an uncompromising helper

with RC Cola and a Moon Pie
or, how the author wandered off the track of competitive cycling, never to return

Genesis Corrected
An eyewitness to Creation suggests that our popular mythology has got it all wrong.



Writing Through the Dark Night: An interview with novelist Tim Farrington, author of A HELL OF MERCY and THE MONK DOWNSTAIRS, about creativity, depression, and “the dark night of the soul.” Available in multiple e-book formats from Smashwords.

The Qualities of Beauty
An interview with J.Ruth Gendler, famed "Qualities" author, about her new book on beauty

Keeping It Real
The Fearless Profile of Singer-Songwriter Megan Slankard

Fame, Fire and Surrender
This no-holds-barred interview with comedian Brett Butler reveals the inner life of a spirited performer

Higher Straits
Talking with Dire Straits co-founder David Knopfler about life as an indie musician


Keeping Your Soul Work Alive

A meditation on writing & publishing
in the new millennium

What Keeps a Writer Going? Literary veterans share their inspiration

Let the Crazy Child Write: The Fearless Interview with Clive Matson




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