“Too many people jump into spirituality as a way to escape from reality.
It doesn’t work that way. The way it works is for the spirit behind you to
follow you wherever you go, and show you how to face up to adversity.”

Malidoma Somé, PhD, African shaman and scholar,
in an interview with D. Patrick Miller


D. Patrick Miller

All the topics listed below can be presented as group seminars or private consultations. Write for scheduling information.

  • Coaching and Consultations for Students of A Course in Miracles: Trying to get started (or keep going) on one of the most challenging and rewarding spiritual disciplines of modern times? Benefit from the expertise and experience of a 28-year Course veteran and author of Understanding A Course in Miracles and Living with Miracles. Click here for more information.
  • The Way of Forgiveness: Work with the author of The Way of Forgiveness to reap the benefits of the Seven Steps of Forgiveness, “a continuous process of positive change powered by releasing the past.”
  • Four Steps to a Practical Faith: Explore and enact the steps of Releasing Guilt, Gathering Trust, Practicing Patience, and Learning Transcendence as you learn to live your daily life on the basis of a solid and sensible faith free of religiosity
  • Understanding Yourself and Others with the Enneagram: Benefit from D. Patrick Miller’s 25 years of experience with the Enneagram, a growth-oriented system of understanding personality.
  • Manuscript Reviews and Editing: For over 15 years, D. Patrick Miller has assessed the work in progress of scores of authors, and coached ongoing creative projects with a focus on spiritual subject matter through Fearless Literary Services.
  • Custom Topics and Investigations: Curious about living a more spiritual life, but don’t know which way to turn next? Worried about a friend or relative involved in a cult? Seeking intuitive guidance or prayer help in handling a tough challenge in your life? Write and describe the topic or situation you’re interested in exploring. All inquiries will be handled with the utmost sensitivity and confidentiality.

When life's challenges seem overwhelming, a “spiritual back-up” can make all the difference in getting through the day, the week, or the next couple years with resolve and inspiration. But when spirituality amounts to little more than wishful thinking or self-indulgent fantasy, then it won’t be useful. An informed and sensible spirituality is the key to overcoming adversity and living with love and joy.

After more than two decades of incisive writing on a wide variety of subjects in contemporary spirituality, D. Patrick Miller is now bringing his insights and expertise directly to groups and individuals with Sense & Spirituality Seminars and Consultations.

If any of the following questions apply to you, you can benefit from a Sense & Spirituality presentation or consultation:

As the author of over 100 magazine and online articles and seven books including Understanding A Course in Miracles, Living with Miracles, and The Way of Forgiveness, Miller has investigated and personally experienced a number of approaches to spiritual growth, including A Course in Miracles, the Enneagram typology of personality, Jungian psychology, meditation, the I Ching, shamanism, and others. With a background in investigative journalism, Miller brings both a healthy skepticism and informed inspiration to his teaching and coaching in four main areas:

Write to for more information.
Phone consultations are available for $65 an hour (or 4 sessions for $240 paid in advance).


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