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Fearless Books founder D. Patrick Miller pioneered “the journalism of consciousness,” writing over 75 print magazine articles and dozens more for the web on a wide range of psychological and spiritual subject matter.

This section of the Fearless website offers the best of these articles, updated and made available in multiple electronic formats in association with Smashwords. Prices range from FREE to $4.95.

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Letting Go of Bad Habits

How to Do What You Love
for a Living
(3 parts)

My Healing Journey Through
Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

What’s Your Number?
Using the Enneagram for Self-
Discovery and Healthier Relationships

When Soldiers Meditate:
Talking with Richard Strozzi Heckler

Taking Divine Dictation
Or, how can you tell when it’s
really God on the line?

Facing the Evil Within
An Interview with John Sanford

Making Sense of Mysticism
An Interview with Jacob Needleman

Ten Steps to Transformation
Talking with Ralph Metzner

The Truth About Psychics
Talking with Helen Palmer

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Current Sense & Spirituality Reports

Letting Go of Bad Habits ::: “It could be smoking, junk food, mindless TV watching, or something so personal you wouldn’t tell anyone about it. Whatever it is, you know this habit is not good for you. It hurts your health, adds weight, or wastes valuable time — and it almost always makes you angry with yourself. But with the next breath you may tell yourself that your habit is not all that serious and that you could leave it behind at any time. Yet every time you’ve tried to quit — perhaps hundreds of times — you’re back at it the next day or the next week. In between attempts to quit, you conclude that you just don’t have the willpower to change. You’ve heard that other people manage to find the will and the way, but not you. This makes you feel so discouraged that you decide you need another cigarette, another candy bar, or simply a time-out from worrying about your bad habits. Is there a way other than sheer willpower to free yourself of bad habits? The answer, according to a wide range of experts, is an assured yes....” Learn how a heightened awareness of your habits can provide the key to letting go of them in this concise and highly useful article featuring advice from Hal & Sidra Stone, Susan Thesenga of the Pathwork, artist Lucia Capacchione and psychiatrist Tom Rusk. ORDER E-BOOKORDER IN PRINT


How to Do What You Love for a Living ::: “In the last few decades, the traditional Western notion of career advancement has been profoundly altered by the importation of the Buddhist concept of ‘right livelihood.’ An increasing number of job counselors are urging their clients to factor in personal and spiritual fulfillment when considering a career change, but for most people that means an unprecedented leap into the unknown. Often, the apparent price of fulfillment is income security — but then one hears a mystical, sirenlike call that suggests just the opposite. ‘Do it!’ urges Michael Phillips in his classic Seven Laws of Money. ‘Money will come when you are doing the right thing.’ But will it really? And how do you know when you’re doing what’s right?” ... In this three-part omnibus article, D. Patrick Miller examines a variety of approaches to finding work you love to do, with expert help offered by Marsha Sinetar, Nancy Anderson, Sue Bender, Gregg Levoy, Carol Adrienne, and others. ORDER E-BOOKORDER IN PRINT


My Healing Journey Through Chronic Fatigue Syndrome ::: “I was now sleeping fitfully for ten to twelve hours nightly, but waking with less energy than when I went to bed. My memory and thinking processes had turned foggy, causing me to misplace my keys or wallet several times a week. I was experiencing traveling pains and weakness in my joints and muscles, most severely in my mid-back. And whatever I ate seemed to explode in my stomach. Except for a nine-week bout of mononucleosis when I was twenty, I had never been ill for so long.... The thought arose repeatedly: This discomfort and disease is only a warning, if sometimes a violent one. It will cause me to steer toward a new situation, whose particulars I can’t yet imagine..." D. Patrick Miller tells the story of his seven-year struggle with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, and how it inaugurated his spiritual path with the help of dreamwork, instinctive movement, and study of "A Course in Miracles." FREE DOWNLOAD!ORDER IN PRINT


What’s Your Number? Using the Enneagram for Self-Discovery and Healthier Relationships ::: “Strictly speaking, the Enneagram is a nine-pointed star, a symbol of ancient and uncertain origins that may have once served as a mathematical map of cosmic reality. According to J.G. Bennett in Enneagram Studies, the symbol ‘could be used to represent every process that maintains itself by self-renewal, including, of course, life itself.’ Most scholars trace it back at least 2500 years to the secret Sufi society known as the Sarmouni Brotherhood.... As a guide to human character, behavior, and motivation, the modern Enneagram of personality simply has no equal. Simpler to grasp initially than astrology and more applicable than typologies derived from psychological testing, the Enneagram provides a clear and easily recognizable map of nine distinct personality patterns. For most people, it simply rings true.” In the only feature article ever to include lengthy commentary by the two chief teachers of the Enneagram, Helen Palmer and Don Riso, the history and significance of this remarkable personality system are reviewed as well as brief descriptions of the nine types. ORDER E-BOOKORDER IN PRINT


When Soldiers Meditate: Talking with Richard Strozzi Heckler ::: Psychologist and former Marine Richard Strozzi Heckler has an unusual perspective on the military state of mind, as he has been called upon several times to attempt enhancing it by non-ordinary means. The first experiment took place in the fall of 1985, when he participated in a six-month classified experiment to introduce ‘inner technologies’ to a contingent of the Army’s Special Forces — twenty-five Green Berets. Those inner technologies included martial arts, meditation, and biofeedback... After the initial experiment that Heckler describes in his book In Search of the Warrior Spirit, he has taught inner technologies to the Navy SEALS and to Marines at Camp Pendleton near San Diego.In this fascinating interview, a former Marine and aikido master discusses the inner qualities of the traditional warrior, and how he has tried to introduce them to select members of the modern military. ORDER E-BOOK ORDER IN PRINT


Taking Divine Dictation Or, how can you tell when it’s really God on the line? ::: The whole notion of channeling is inherently controversial: either you find it credible or you don’t. The lack of empirical validation for the phenomenon is neatly counterbalanced by an impressive anecdotal record throughout history... People who have reported inner voices include Socrates, Joan of Arc, George Washington Carver, Mohandas K. Gandhi, and Gen. George S. Patton, among many others. While the realm of channeling clearly has a more diverse population than credulous New Agers, it also has few if any tests or standards by which to measure the validity of messages received from disembodied sources. For instance, how can one distinguish between mystic messages from a transcendent realm and the deep musings of one’s own subconscious?... And if you are about to listen to — or pay for — the counsel of an alleged channeler, are there any guidelines to keep in mind besides ‘let the buyer beware’?This concise but thorough investigation of the channeling phenomenon includes the stories of A Course in Miracles and the Pathwork, as well as some bracing comments on the popular books chronicling a few ‘conversations with God’. ORDER E-BOOK ORDER IN PRINT


Facing the Evil Within: Talking with John Sanford ::: Ever since the tragedy of 9/11, America has seemed ever more convinced that all evil lies outside its borders, and only goodness within. In fact we initiated a war on Iraq predicated largely on that assumption — while most of the world looks askance on the US predilection for enforcing its notions of goodness far outside its borders. The ironies are plentiful: We threaten and attack other nations for harboring weapons of mass destruction while testing “superbombs” in public view... To depth psychologists, such contradictions are no surprise; in fact they characterize the human condition of carrying our own ‘shadow,’ or evil within...” In this conversation with John Sanford, author, Jungian psychologist, and Episcopalian priest, the questions of evil within and without are examined with great care and insight. ORDER E-BOOK ORDER IN PRINT


Making Sense of Mysticism: An Interview with Jacob Needleman ::: If a spiritual practice is too intense, it 'blows your mind' and becomes overly fascinating, or leads you into fantasy. You could compare the esoteric core of a religion to a pure, high-octane fuel. Put it into an old Volkswagen, and the car will go like hell for a mile before it blows apart. If we’re going to have a spiritual path for our culture, it needs to have levels that recognize where we are, and gradually lead us upward..." In this provocative talk with popular philosopher Jacob Needleman, the pros and cons of modern mysticism are discussed with warmth and unusual honesty. ORDER E-BOOK  • ORDER IN PRINT


Ten Steps to Transformation: Talking with Ralph Metzner ::: Transcendence is the temporary or periodic experience of unity beyond all dualities. It’s a remarkable state or condition of consciousness, but it’s not a way of living. You always live in a world of duality; you always experience inside and outside, thinking and feeling, and so on. Duality begins with being born and doesn’t end until you die. In fact we live in multiplicity, not just duality. Where transcendence implies a nirvanic, unifying experience that informs your way of being, transformation is how you arrive at a new way of being itself. Mature transformation leads to an all-inclusive way of being that embraces the earthly, the physical, the psychological, and the spiritual—the all of everything..." A pioneer in the study of consciousness, Ralph Metzner discusses the finer points of higher states of mind while describing the ten steps of transformation denoted by the traditional “oxherding pictures.” ORDER E-BOOK ORDER IN PRINT


The Truth About Psychics: Talking with Helen Palmer ::: One of the dilemmas about intuition is that people expect it to be a skill that’s always available on demand. A good, well-practiced intuitive can indeed develop a good bottom-line level of accuracy. But you’re going to be off sometimes. And the idea that you can deliver valid information over a telephone hotline—I find that unbelievable. Unbelievable that an intuitive would lend herself to that, or that the public would be so foolish as to believe in it." Accomplished intuitive consultant and Enneagram teacher Helen Palmer tells the unvarnished truth about psychic capacities in this bracing and informative interview with D. Patrick Miller. FREE DOWNLOAD! ORDER IN PRINT


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