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The Love & Wisdom of a 1st Century Mystic

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Visions of the End
The Christian Book of Revelation and Other Apocalyptic Prophecies

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In the Beginning
Creation Myths
Across Cultures

Why is Jesus Christ perceived so differently by people who all call themselves Christians? And what do we know today about this charismatic first-century Jewish teacher who came to be viewed as God incarnate in the Christian tradition? Today, many people have close ties to Jesus Christ’s person, life, and message – yet they have no connection with any Christian church.

Jesus Christ: The Love and Wisdom of a First-Century Mystic takes both churched and un-churched readers on a journey into the core of Jesus’ timeless teachings on love and wisdom. Of all the mystic pioneers of humanity, Jesus may well be one of the most daring and demanding, who opened up a revolutionary new path based on love in action, radical inner transformation, and an alternative social vision.

“A fine, reverent, and bold exploration of Jesus’ teachings for both churched and un-churched readers”
— Brother David Steindl-Rast, OSB




About the Series

Are you tired of the intolerance and conflicts among religions and cultures that we have witnessed for so long? And is this not a tragedy given that religions all share the same essential truths?

What, then, are the principles that form a unifying bond among the world religions?

One Truth, Many Paths is an e-book series about the world’s wisdom traditions that demonstrates how personal inspiration and truth can be equally found in all religions. This book series leads you on an extensive, insightful, and at times surprising journey across cultures, allowing you to discover the “unity-within-diversity” of the religious traditions. This rich unity is to be found in:

One Truth, Many Paths reveals all this and also considers each religion’s unique characteristics and historical-cultural context.

In addition, One Truth, Many Paths honors indigenous traditions as well as the Sacred Feminine and its myriad of manifestations across cultures. This book series introduces you to “the other side of the official story” that is all too often still ignored.

And, have you ever wondered what the perception of the Hindu goddess Kali as a “demon” has in common with the characterization of Islam as a “religion of the sword” prone to terrorism? These are examples of widespread stereotypes and misconceptions that One Truth, Many Paths challenges.

On the other hand, what do the different notions of the Divine that have evolved over time reveal to us? And, why are there so many different perceptions of Jesus Christ by people who all call themselves Christians? One Truth, Many Paths also addresses such questions.

One Truth, Many Paths weaves all this and much more into a cross-cultural tapestry of the human quest for Spirit. This book series builds trust and fosters a deeper understanding within multicultural communities, organizations, and the culturally diverse workplace.



About the Author

Isabella Price was born in Zurich, Switzerland, where she grew up and graduated in 1991 from the University of Zurich with an MA in the humanities (global history and comparative religion). During her six years of studies and beyond, she worked as a freelance journalist writing cultural essays on her numerous travels to more than fifteen countries. After completing her studies, Isabella conducted workshops and taught classes on global history and comparative religion at various institutions for higher education in Zurich.

In 2001, Isabella moved into a new life in California. One year later, she was assigned a position as lecturer on World Cultures at the California College of the Arts in Oakland/San Francisco. In-depth studies at Buddha Gate Monastery in Lafayette, California under the guidance of a most gifted and dedicated teacher, Shifu Jian Hu, opened the door to a deeper understanding of essential spiritual truths at the core of all religions.

The study and practice of Chinese Zen was followed by an extensive journey to some of the most sacred sites in India in late 2003, eventually leading to an encounter with Ammachi, also known as Sri Mata Amritanandamayi Devi, at her ashram in San Ramon, California. Ammachi’s core teachings reflect the non-dual essence of the Vedantic tradition, which maintains that there is only one Supreme Truth shining through all religions. The encounter with Ammachi inspired Isabella to intensify her own spiritual quest and made her more attuned to the “feminine face” of the Divine and its myriad of manifestations across cultures. Since 2011, Isabella has been teaching Ammachi’s Integrated Amrita Meditation Technique (IAM) to veterans suffering from PTSD and other community members. Isabella is also a certified SQ21 Spiritual Intelligence consultant.

Over the years, Isabella has participated in numerous celebrations and rituals from many wisdom traditions, and learned from such teachers as Rabbi Michael Lerner (founder of Tikkun), Tibetan Buddhist teacher Anam Thubten (Dharmata Foundation), renowned scholar of religion Huston Smith, Sufi teacher Llewellyn Vaughan-Lee, evolutionary philosopher Ken Wilber, and German mystic Thomas Huebl.

In 2004, Isabella created a new course for the CCA curriculum, “Religion, Symbols, Myths – a Cross-Cultural Comparative Journey,” which received a very positive response from the art community. Since then, she has been expanding into adult education as well, offering classes and workshops at John F. Kennedy University, Holy Names University (Sophia Center), Emeritus College (Diablo Valley College), and San Francisco State University (Osher Institute), among others.

Isabella has dedicated more than seven years of her life toward the creation of the “One Truth, Many Paths” book project because she wants to strengthen and spread the understanding that what unites us deep within is infinitely greater than what divides us. She is passionate about fostering this understanding in all kinds of religious venues, community organizations, and workplaces.


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